Sometimes, when waiting for a web page to load on my phone, I find myself staring at the address bar, annoyed that the Reader feature hasn’t popped up yet. Where are you, Reader? What’s wrong? Should I leave and come back? Do you need some, err, privacy?

I sit there, willing it to appear, refusing to acknowledge that I can easily read the text by looking at the ACTUAL PAGE. That’s right there. In front of me.

This won’t make sense to anyone who doesn’t use the Reader. Or have it. Do all phones have it? Is it a Safari-on-the-iPhone-only thing? I’m too lazy to look it up. But it’s AWESOME. You can read anything on any page and see just the text, without graphics or ads or anything to distract you! All pages look the same! It’s somehow…comforting.

Also, why does my iPhone correct words that aren’t wrong in the first place? Why “find” instead of “fund”? “Now” instead of “bow”? I mean I know why, but still.

These two things are not related.

I do, however, love it when it corrects to “Rei”. Because, well, her. She’s a word now. I typed her name and she became a word in my phone. Everything should autocorrect to Rei.

REI REI REI REI REI. Best word in the world.

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