As of today, Rei is “talking” at the level of a 5-month-old, maybe older. She strings sounds together and babbles at herself in the mirror. She says “Ahgoo,” a 5-month milestone. She had a full-on conversation with me tonight, with new sounds pouring out as we sat and watched. Vowels. Consonants. Different tones. She isn’t even three months old.

I’m no expert in language development or baby cognition, but it seems like the only thing stopping her from full-on talking is her mouth getting the words out right. Clearly, she’s a genius. Apparently there’s some baby in England who was doing some form of talking at six months…to whom I say: oh it’s ON.

Of course, she has yet to show anything but the slightest interest in objects, and doesn’t seem to be even remotely aware that she has feet. And fine motor skills, not so much yet. (Oh! But she can bear all her weight on her legs! Another early development!) But I still say she’s gifted. Right? Hello?

I know all babies develop at different rates. But Rei, if this is any indication of what you’re going to be like, I hope you enjoy being a debate team champ who can’t play video games. (Because of joysticks. Do they still use joysticks?)

(Never mind. Cough. Wonder where she gets it from.)

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