Dinner a la Pete


Earlier today, we were discussing dinner. We had plans to go to an afternoon NYE get-together, and would be getting home around 7:00. “It’ll be too late to make anything,” I was saying. “And anyway, I’ll need to get Rei into bed.”

“Hmm,” said Peter.

A little while later, he returned home after running an errand. “Hey!” he said. “So I was thinking, what is really fast to cook, AND is delicious?”

“What?” I said.

“Gnocchi!” he said. “We have that gnocchi in the fridge!”

“What about sauce?”

“Remember? We bought sauce! And while I was out, I picked up some sourdough bread! I can quickly make dinner when we get home from the party!”

God bless a man who can get that excited over packaged pasta and bottled sauce. God bless his sweet, happy little heart.

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