It’s been a big two days around here, folks. Hold on to your hats and your jiggly parts because this post is a doozy.

In other words, we’re still trapped inside and this is all I could come up with. I’ve been feeling a bit blue, and lonely and missing my family.

Small things. Gotta celebrate them.

Also, it was either this or bitch about the weather.*

1. That Tripod Thing

It’s not really sitting up, and I had to help her into it, but Reiden stayed in tripod for several minutes, all by her own self! Even when I ran to get the camera!

Then she cried, so I picked her up. 

I may have left her there just a few seconds after she cried. Pictures!

Tripod! What is that thing called, that sitting but not sitting thing? I should read some mommy blogs. Or a book about babies.

2. Espresssoooo!

We have a fancy espresso machine, the kind that coffee shops use. It was a wedding gift; we aren’t rich, nor fancy.
No really, we found one of our couches on the street. 

Please don’t tell anyone about the couch. 

Anyway, I made a perfect cup with the most glorious, perfect crema, which is not easy because there’s tamping involved, and getting the water temperature right, and getting the doohickey into the machine and okay it’s kind of easy. But I did it while holding Reiden, my own damn self!

Pete, this was a fluke. Please continue to make my coffee every morning. 

Also, I have no idea how the kitchen got cleaned. I certainly couldn’t have done that while holding a baby. Please keep cleaning the kitchen, so I can brag about you on the Internet.

3. Independence Day

Speaking of being overly reliant on my husband, today was the first time he had to work on-site at his client’s office for an entire day. He’s almost had to before, but has always been able to come home early. As I write this it’s only 1:30 so I’m hoping for a reverse-jinx. 


I know, I know…please don’t hate me. My husband works from home. I am unbelievably lucky to have him here most days. He’s kept me from becoming a muttering, hysterical shut-in, especially during this stupid vortex. 

Anyway, so far we are managing, though it is nice to have someone else around when the diaper blow-outs require two sets of hands. 

Anyone want to come over?

4. That really expensive monitor? We used it. Finally.

Last year I got a referral bonus from the company I work for, and we used it to buy a top of the line monitor, with the video that zooms and pans and all that stuff. We even set it up and turned it on.

But every night after Reiden went to sleep, I couldn’t leave the room. I just sat there in the dark, hunched over my phone with the brightness on the lowest setting. 

(I am really afraid to go for a vision test.)

I bought a LOT of baby “necessities” on Etsy. And some clothes for myself. And a ring.

Shut up, we have a street couch. 

Anyway, I realized that with all the Eiko never being away from her baby for one second unless Pete is holding her, we don’t ever see each other one on one. And that’s kind of sad. 

So last night, I came downstairs! And we sat together! And watched two TV shows! 

And stared at the monitor the whole time. 

I actually came down on Friday night, but I was too paranoid and we were watching True Detective and I felt creeped out the whole time. So attempt #1 did not count. 

TV! It’s so shiny.

5. I hate winter 

I have never hated winter before. I spent part of my childhood in northern BC, where it was -40 all the time, yo. I love the sun and the cold and the freezing snot and the unflattering snow boots, all of it. 

But, as need not be detailed, winter becomes much more difficult with a baby. The getting the snowsuit on. The hat, and subsequent crying. The gloves, and subsequent crying. The “how many blankets should we bring it’s pretty cold but we don’t want her to overheat but remember she’s not moving around like we are” arguments. The stuffing her into the stroller, and subsequent crying. By the time we leave the house, we’ve got maybe an hour before her next nap. And it’s too cold for her to be out for an hour, but if we go into a store or cafe she gets too hot and freaks out. So we end up taking these piddly little 15-minute walks and we’re panicked the whole time that she’s freezing. 

Sorry about all the detail.

So for the first time ever, I hate winter. The worst part is, I hate the summers here too; the extreme heat and humidity and more warnings not to go outside and I’m terrified we’ll be stuck indoors then too.

Not that it’s all bad, I guess. 

But seriously, why do I live in Toronto? 

People keep posting photos of springlike Vancouver on Facebook. I am suffering from some serious jealousy and angst. 

Angst, yo.

Wait, I hear a tiny violin…


6 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. KT

    Oh man, Eiko, I hear you. Breastfeeding woes kept me trapped in the house for the first four or five months of motherhood and I almost lost my mind. That feeling like everyone has places to be, and things to do and endless freedom, and it’s all happening without you. Ugh. It’s so hard.

    Do celebrate the sitting up because in my experience, sitting up was the beginning of the end of the crappy part of babyhood and the start of the awesome part.

    p.s. Vancouver is drizzly and horrible today and I’ve been stuck inside with a toddler all day.

  2. Geoffy

    Just remember those pics from Vancouver are from one day, one lovely day, then….wait for it….it rains. Forever and ever and ever and ever. If it makes you feel any better last week was 40 every day and this week it will be 35-40 every day. I can’t even golf in this weather!! Sorry.

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